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Available from October 2023

Adidas NOVA program go-live

Quite the milestone after 16 months at Adidas, the go-live of the NOVA project. Launching Adobe Workfront with the Adidas RISE platform integrated for Adidas Studio A Global. This photo is the team celebrating the successful go-live. We should re-do this picture as the hypercare period afterwards went without any big issues and it has been received very well by all users and stakeholders.

Freelance Digital

Experienced freelancer in a variety of digital / online roles. From Portfolio Manager to Product Owner and Digital Lead. Check out my LinkedIn to connect or learn more.

International profile

From U.S Fortune 500 companies to local Dutch giants and sporting goods, my experience is international and my native languages are English and Dutch.

Bring Solutions.

Finding solutions to complex challenges and bringing my team together to achieve our goals. My problem-solving skills and collaborative approach consistently lead to a mission accomplished.



What I can do for you

Product Owner

Strong stakeholder management, translating the company vision into valuable deliverables while bringing a team together.

Program Management

Managing digital programs of size, rolling out and implementing digital change across the globe. On time.

Portfolio Management

Experienced Portfolio Manager with a talent for managing digital portfolios to deliver value with large interdependencies

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